Trademark Renewal

A trademark is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of filing of application and on the expiry of a trademark it is necessary to get the trademark renewed. Non-renewal of trademark leads to its removal from the Trademark Register.
The owner of the trademark can file for the renewal of the trademark by themselves or through an agent associated or any person having their power of attorney.
The renewal of a trademark is to be filed anytime within a year before expiration of the trademark, or six months after its expiration. The Registrar sends a reminder notice 6 months prior to the expiry of the mark and again before 1-2 months prior to the expiry. Upon non-compliance or non-renewal of the mark by the applicant, the Registrar publishes in the journal regarding the same and strikes off the mark from the Register after its expiry. The trademark can still be restored on being struck off by the process of Trademark Restoration.


The restoration shall be done by submitting a renewal request through Form TM-R after 6 months and within 1 year from the expiration date of the trademark.

Trademark Renewal is the process of extending the ownership and protection of rights of the trademark after its expiry.

A trademark is required to be renewed after the expiry of 10 years from the date of application. The applicant needs to apply for renewal within a year before its expiration.

Yes, the trademark can be restored after being struck-off from the Register by filing the form ‘TM-10’ and ‘TM-13’ in the prescribed format along with the corresponding fees within 1 year of its expiry.

Yes, any person authorized or any agent/manager on the behalf of the owner can file for Trademark Renewal.

No, the class chosen at the time of the registration of the trademark cannot be changed/ modified anytime during its lifetime.

If the applicant has not renewed it trademark within the given time period (within 12 months after its expiry) then the mark is removed from the Register of the Registrar.

No, the former owner does not have any right over it once it is taken by some other person after its expiry. Nor can the former owner raise any objection against him if he has not renewed it within the prescribed period.

What's included

  • Benefits of trademark for another 10 years
  • Drafting Form TM-R
  • Filing of Renewal Application

Documents Required

  • Trademarked Word/ Item
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof

Trademark Renewal

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