Patent Search

Patent search is a fundamental step employed by inventors all across the globe to be able to successfully register a patent. Like copyright and trademark, patent also confers certain rights upon the inventor which prevents others from deriving undue benefit. Before such a right is conferred, the process or product is checked for originality, for inventive and non-obvious nature and for if it is capable of being made or used in an industry. Additionally, patent search can be either in a direct or an indirect form.

Patent search is also conducted for the purpose of avoiding any potential dispute between inventors. The law of patent in India is governed by the Indian Patent Act, 1970 and the Patent Rules, 1972. A patent filed now would be open to the public domain after 20 years post its expiry


Why is it Important to Conduct a Patent Search?

It is important to conduct a patent search so as to avoid any kind of discrepancy or duplicity with respect to an existing innovation.

Methods used for patent search

Search using keywords

Text character is a helpful source to search the ideas and terms linked to the particular invention.

Search by sequence

A sequence search is specifically useful in matters concerning nucleotides and protein series.

Search by image

In the specific case of mechanical and electromechanical inventions, search by image proves to be a helpful method.

Search using classifications

All patents are categorized into different classes on the basis of their subject matter so as to make the patent search more convenient and less time consuming. Using classification codes to search for existing patented inventions is the most efficient way to discover and verify prima facie, the industrial validity of an invention. In the technology field, high level classifications are required to explain the particular invention.

Search using structure

In this method, for instance, one can search for a chemical structure through several databases wherein molecule to molecule indexing of that chemical structure has been elaborated. Since a keyword search in itself does not help in recovering an appropriate structure, search through structure in this scenario, proves to be a more useful and efficient tool in determining the proper structure.

A patent search is essentially a step taken by the inventor so as to avoid any kind of duplicity and to check if that invention is patentable or not.

1. It lets the inventor know if such an idea has been patented before or not or which changes are needed to convert that innovation to an invention. 2. It provides with an idea of the existing competition scenario of that class of patent. 3. It saves time and resources to help expeditious registration of inventions given there are thousands of patents in a class.

What's included

  • Consultation with our Patent Expert
  • Comparison with existing Patents
  • Comprehensive Patent Search Report

Documents Required

  • Short Abstract
  • Description of Invention

Patent Search

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