Patent Provisional Registration

A recommended step in registration of a patent is filing of a provisional patent application. Provisional patent application essentially is a brief overview and concept of the invention which can be made by filing a provisional specification which is devoid of a claims section amongst other details unlike in complete specification.
The potential patent-holder can confer with the relevant authority which is Controller General of Patent and garner basic information through a consultation over the patent application.

Provisional Patent Components

  1. Title of invention.
  2. Basic details of applicant (name, address, nationality etc.)
  3. Description of invention.
  4. Date and signature of inventor on last page of specification.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Involves low cost of fees.
  • Beneficial for getting an early priority date.
  • Application is kept confidential till the time it gets published.
  • Enables commercial benefits of patent.


STEP 1: Make a provisional patent application in accordance with Form 2 of the Patent Rules, 2003 and submit it to patent office.

STEP 2: On submission of application Patent office will record the date of filing such application and application number is made and given to the applicant.

STEP 3: If a complete patent application is not filed within 12 months from the date of filing provisional patent provisional patent application will be restrained.

Generally, when an invention is not complete, an application can be filed, called provisional application. This is useful in establishing a priority date for your invention. Moreover, it also gives sufficient time for the applicant to assess and evaluate the market potential of his invention before filing the complete specification. However, it is not necessary to file an application with provisional specification. One can file an application directly with a complete specification.

Provisional patent application essentially is a brief overview and concept of the invention, which can be completed by filing a provisional specification. It is generally made to claim a priority date.

No, a provisional patent application does not include a claims section.

What's included

  • Drafting of Provisional Patent Application
  • Consultation with our Patent Expert
  • Filing of Application with the Registrar
  • Permission to use “Patent Pending”

Documents Required

  • Invention Title and Purpose
  • Description of Invention
  • Drawings related to the Invention

Patent Provisional Registration

A provisional patent application refers to the application is to protect your ownership over your invention while it is still developing. File a provisional patent application through Filecrat at best price in India and get your invention secure.

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