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Online RTI application can be filed by any citizen to request information from government authorities. The experts at Filecrat can help you file your RTI with ease.

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Online RTI Application

Anyone who is a citizen of India can file an RTI application and seek any information regarding government’s work. Right to Information Act, 2005 is a statute which provides a platform for the citizen to request government information from concerned authorities. The main objective of this act is to promote transparency and accountability in the activities of the Government authorities which will help to reduce corruption in the system. This act is step taken under the fundamental right guaranteed under part 3 Article 19(1) of the Constitution of India.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Easy way to clear personal grievances.
  • Grievances can be sorted around yourself.
  • Pending issues can be resolved.
  • Easy communication with the concerned Government authority and make them accountable.

What’s Included

  • Consultation with our Expert
  • Drafting of your RTI application
  • Submission of the application

Documents Required

Document to accompany RTI application

Any supporting document(s) concerning the application or reason.

Document to accompany RTI appeal or complaint
  • Name, address and other particulars of the appellant or complainant
  • Name and address of the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) or the Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO) against whom a complaint is made and the name and address of the First Appellate Authority before whom the first appeal was preferred
  • Self-attested copies of the orders or documents against which the appeal is being preferred
  • Copies of documents relied upon by the appellant and referred to in the appeal
  • An index of the documents referred to in the appeal
  • Prayer or relief sought
  • Grounds for the prayer or relief
  • Verification by the appellant or the complainant
  • Any other information which may be deemed as necessary and helpful for the Commission to decide the appeal or complaint
Government Fees
  • RTI Act, no fee has to be paid for first appeal through online application.
  • Free for persons below poverty line.
  • Rupees ten by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or bankers’ cheque [or Indian Postal Order] payable to the Accounts Officer of the public authority.
Further Fee

For providing the information the fee shall be charged by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or bankers cheque [or Indian Postal Order] payable to the Accounts Officer of the public authority at the following rates

  • Rupees two for each page (in A4 or A3 size paper) created or copied;
  • Actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper;
  • Actual cost or price for samples or models; and
  • For inspection of records, no fee for the first hour; and a fee of rupees five for each subsequent hour (or fraction thereof).


What are the present modes of RTI application?

  1. Online mode of application: [Available only for application to public authorities under Central government only]
  2. Offline mode of application

What is the word limit of complaint in online application?

The word limit is 3000 words but it is suggested to keep it short.

What are the acceptable modes of payment of RTI application?

Demand draft or bankers’ cheque [or Indian Postal Order] payable to the accounts Officer of the public authority.

  1. Internet Banking through SBI and its associated banks.
  2. Using credit/ debit card of Master/ Visa.

How to receive the acknowledgement of the RTI application?

The unique Registration Code received on successful submission is the acknowledgement in case of online application while dated acknowledgement received from the receipt counter of the public authority and receipt of post of RTI application is termed as acknowledgement in case of offline application.

What will the status of application if it is sent to a wrong Public Authority in the RTI request form?

The "Nodal Officer" of the said public authority would transfer the application electronically to the "Nodal Officer" of the concerned Central Public authority, if aligned to this portal and physically to that Central Public authority which is not aligned to this portal, under section 6(3) of the RTI Act.
It may be noted that RTI applications filed through this portal for the state public authorities, including NCT of Delhi, would be returned, without any refund of fee

Can a company or other body file an RTI application?

No, The RTI Act, 2005 empowers only the citizen of India to obtain information from the public authorities. A company or other body has a separate legal identity but not identified as a citizen of India.

What is the waiting period of reply after successful application?

There is about 30 days of waiting period for PIO to file a reply excluding the case of life and liberty in which the reply has to be filed within 48 hours of the application.

Is RTI a part of fundamental right guaranteed under Part 3 Article 19(1) of the Constitution of India?

Yes, RTI is a fundamental right guaranteed under the said article of Constitution of India.

What is further fee?

The cost of providing the information is calculated and informed by the PIO to the applicant that cost is called further fee.

What is the mode of payment of fee for the Central Government Authorities?

A request for obtaining information under subsection (1) of Section 6 shall be accompanied by an application fee of Rs. 10/- by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or banker’s cheque or Indian Postal Order payable to the Accounts Officer of the public authority.


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