Copyright Objection

Copyright objection gives protection to the creator as well as his original work. The right of objection limits the unauthorized use of one’s original work.
At the time of copyright registration, the Examiner waits for a duration of 30 days, during which any objections can be received. These objections may accrue for various reasons such as duplicity of one’s original work or lack of unique creation etc.
It is a legal mandate to reply to the objections raised by the applicant, failing to do which may lead the examiner to reject the application and which shall stand as rejected. On the objections raised, the examiner will issue the letter to the applicant to inform the same and to clarify such objections.
To file a reply to the objection raised, it requires substantial amount of knowledge as well as good drafting skills. One can file a reply by themself on the contrary, if they have no knowledge of the same, they can take help from an expert.

It is important to reply to an objection raised since it is a legal obligation imposed on the applicant, failing which the examiner may reject the application.

The benefit of copyright objection is that it gives an equal opportunity to every creator to seek remedy against any person, where they think their work or creation would be infringed.

What's included

  • Consultation with our Copyright Expert
  • Draft reply to the Objection

Documents Required

  • Copyright Registration Documents

Copyright Objection

An objection may rise for various reasons. File a copyright objection or Reply to Copyright Objection in India through Filecrat at INR 2,999.



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