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Intellectual Property (IP) refers to a brand, invention, design or other kind of creation, over which a person or business has legal rights. Almost all businesses own some form of IP, which could be a business asset. These rights protect the assets from the competition infringing for a period of time.Registering intellectual property, be it trademark, copyright or patent, involves navigating through complex legalities and submitting numerous documents. Our team of IP Experts ensure fast and effective registration.

Our Business System

Filecrat platform makes it easy to register business, provide online services in accounting, advisory, consulting, and business planning to small businesses. Our business experts love to put their vast knowledge to work for you and focus on the long-term sustainability of your business and continue delivering growth and solutions that meet customer needs.


Yes, single/sole owner may start a business by forming a Sole proprietorship firm. Although registration of sole proprietorship is not mandatory but a registered firm has many advantages. Hence, it is advisable to always register your business.
Even under Companies Act’ 2013 a single person can start a private limited company by incorporating a One Person Company, where the requirement of 2 or more members to incorporate a company does not apply. Companies Act’ 2013 provides provision for One Person Company incorporation and advantages of incorporating OPC.

As registration of proprietorship firm is not mandatory but registration of company is mandatory in nature. Requirement of registering a business primarily depends on form of business in which business owner wants to start its business. There is no time fixed for application of registration but generally firms apply for registration when their business starts growing in the market.

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